If you are looking for a therapist, it is likely that you have one of two situations in your life:

You are facing a difficult new change and are feeling overwhelmed by it, or you have a longstanding problem that keeps coming back, and have decided it is time to address it.

The most
urgent issues require immediate attention and capable assistance. Life events can suddenly become too much for anyone to handle alone. At times like these, I will work with you to help you feel more stable so that we can find a space from which you can begin to restore your emotional health.

long-term concerns require a careful inquiry into what has occurred over time. I will pay close attention to who you are, your unique psychological and emotional make-up, significant relationships in your life, and the issues that are troubling you the most. These factors will shape our work together.

Whatever you are seeking help with, my approach is tailored specifically to you. You can be assured that I will commit myself to accompanying and supporting you as you find your way through what life has brought you.

Did you know…

Relationships with other people can
actually change the way our brain works,
changing our ingrained patterns of
perception and behavior. This is
one of the ways that therapy works.