Mourning is a kind of suffering that can shake us to the core. Throughout human history, we have leaned on other people to slowly try to heal and make sense of the overwhelming experience of losing people we love. Yet, modern life poses unrealistic and sometimes harmful expectations that we get “back to normal” and “move on” before we are ready. It can be very difficult to speak with others about the pain we are feeling, especially if it hurts after what seems to be a long time, or we have mixed feelings because of the complicated relationship we had with the person who is gone.

People who are grieving often feel that nobody around them can understand what they are experiencing, and that they are alone with their pain. Unfortunately, it is true that others may withdraw in the face of our grief, not knowing what to do or say.

At times like these, grief counseling can be a source of comfort and safety. It is a place to put some words to an event that has left us speechless.

I work with people experiencing any kind of loss and will help you find your way to life after the pain of grief.