Infant-parent psychotherapy works closely with infants and their parents together when there is a difficulty in the relationship between the adult and infant. These difficulties are rarely spoken about, but are not uncommon. Because of the intense nature of the parent-infant relationship, such challenges can often be deeply painful, and may have long-term consequences for both parent and child.

Seeking psychotherapy early in the parent-child relationship may help change the course of the emotional development of the infant and the psychological well-being of the parent, as well as the future life of the family. Infant-parent psychotherapy is the treatment of choice for post-partum depression and may be helpful to you as a parent in other circumstances as well such as:

  • When you are feeling a low level of interest in your baby, or not feeling “bonded” or attached to your baby
  • When either you or your infant have undergone medical procedures or have serious health concerns
  • When your infant seems especially hard to soothe
  • When there is knowledge of trauma or neglect in an infant’s life
  • In cases in which either you or your infant or is experiencing a difficult adjustment to adoption
  • When being a parent is bringing up painful experiences from your own childhood
  • When you are struggling with aggressive feelings/actions towards your infant