Medical Trauma, or Medically Induced Trauma, is when people suffer emotionally and psychologically as a result of the medical interventions they have received. The physiological impact of such experiences might originate with the medical event itself. Alternately, what happens in the medical setting might echo experiences from the past that left us vulnerable or hurt. We might feel the emotional consequences of medical events immediately after they happen, or years later. Sometimes, medical interventions that we underwent in childhood and even infancy can link up with difficulties we notice in our adult life.

Often, medical treatment can be frightening, overwhelming, and invasive. It may be painful in ways we do not expect and are not prepared for. We may not fully understand all that is happening to our bodies, and things can feel dangerously out of control. After it is over, it may be difficult to think about what happened, and even harder to talk about it, even with those you are close to. Psychotherapy can help you gradually process what you’ve been through.

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